C.A.S. Convention DVDs now available!

We are happy to announce that DVDs from C.A.S. Convention are finally on sale! Thanks to Ryan for all his work during the event and preparing the DVDs for us.

We are using Kunaki, a 3rd-party DVD publishing and distribution company. This is the most economical method to make DVDs available for sale with options for delivery around the world. Kunaki will process the orders and ship the DVDs from their distribution center in Nevada.

There are PAL and NTSC versions of the DVDs available. Be sure to order the correct format in order to play the disc in a DVD player connected to your television, Most computer DVD drives will play either format. There is no region encoding on the DVDs. All discs are Region 0 (region free). The PAL/NTSC designation is printed on the spine of the case and on the face of the disc itself.

The DVDs are created using DVD-R media. Some much older DVD player may have trouble reading the disc, if this happens try playing the disc in a laptop or computer.

Each DVD is $10. Proceeds from sales will be contributed towards funding for the next event. If another event is not held within a reasonable period of time the funds will be donated to the charity California Browncoats for them to distribute to a charity of their choice.

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Here’s a couple of sneak peeks.


If you have any questions relating to DVD sales or technical issues please contact us at CASConventionVideo@gmail.com.

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  1. james brown says:

    Hi got my DVD and it was amazing and very educational,
    The writers panel was very interesting in how and what it
    takes to write and produce castle, the cast panel was very
    good in finding out more about what the cast like and enjoy
    about the show, all the questions for both panels were very good
    and I enjoyed this DVD, can’t wait to hear when the next one is
    as I want to be there.