The “Unofficial” Castle Fan Charity Convention Report

The first day of Castlecon saw fans registering from 8:30 in the morning in the lobby of the Meridian Ballroom at the Marriott Hotel at LAX. For such an early start enthusiasm was high as fans picked up their tickets including "Always Castle & Beckett" Lanyards made specially for the event. Fans were quick to snap up some of the custom Castle items we'd ordered for the event and a line quickly formed in front of artist Jason Palmer's booth.¬† Jason has been working on an amazing piece of … [Read more...]

Submit Questions for Castle Convention Guests

If you are unable to attend the event we would like to invite you to submit some questions for our guests. If time permits we will ask as many questions as possible. Our current guest list includes Tamala Jones (Lanie Parish) Penny Johnson Jerald (Captain Gates) Armin Shimerman (Benjamin Donnelly, "The Final Frontier" episode) Rob Bowman (Executive Producer, Director) Christopher Brown (A-Camera Dolly Grip) Marta Evry (Editor) Warren Bowman (Editor) Stephen Bowman (Post … [Read more...]

Castle Convention Challenges!

We would like people to create and submit (post a link in the comments below) videos featuring the following: Elevators "The Final Frontier" episode Lanie Parish and/or Captain Gates We will play these videos during the convention and we will award a small prize to the audience favorites. You don't need to be attending the event to participate. Videos should be posted by mid day (Pacific time) Friday. For some added fun during the event we will be asking fans to tweet their best … [Read more...]

Castle Convention: Ordering “The Beckett”

Have you ever wanted to walk into a coffee shop and casually say "I'd like a 'Beckett' please"? If you're attending the Castle convention in Los Angeles later this month you will have the opportunity to do just that! We've been chatting with the good folks at the Marriott and arranged for the Starbucks located in the lobby to add the "Beckett" to their menu during our event, and those of you arriving at the hotel a few days early will be able to order it right away. When you do, be sure to … [Read more...]

Castle Convention Guest Actor Announcement (minor spoiler for Monday’s episode)

We're happy to announce a guest cast member you probably weren't expecting to join us for the convention. Armin Shimerman (known for Star Trek, Buffy and a host of other roles) has agreed to join us! Armin is a guest star in the convention themed episode to air next Monday "The Final Frontier". We are hoping to have some more guest announcements soon. We can say that there are a few people on our list who won't know until the week of the event whether or not they can make it and there may be … [Read more...]

Castle Convention Cast Guest Announcement + Fun Activity

We're excited to announce the next guest from the Castle cast, Penny Johnson Jerald will be joining us for the convention. In addition to participating in our regular scheduled activities, Penny will be bringing her Zumba teacher Dawn Strozier along to hold a Zumba class! If you're a regular zumba enthusiast or brand new to the fitness phenomenon you won't want to miss out on participating in this super special event. It should be a fun ¬†time for all and we have a no-cameras rule so you'll … [Read more...]

Castle Convention Guest Announcement

We are happy to reveal the first guest from the cast of Castle to be announced for our convention. Tamala Jones will be joining us! Tamala decided to come along to the convention at the last minute last year but she had an enjoyable time and the attending just loved meeting her. We're very happy to have Tamala back with us this year and we know you will be too! We hope to announce at least one other guest from the cast later this week and we thank you for your patience. Tamala will be … [Read more...]