2012 Castle Convention Guest List

Please note that all guests are scheduled pending work, heath or family commitments. See FAQ for more information.

Cast Members

Tamala Jones – M.E. Lanie Parish

Tamala Jones who plays everyone’s favorite sexy Medical Examiner Lanie Parish will be joining us during the weekend. Tamala appeared at our convention last year and I’m sure anyone who attended will agree she is delightful and fun. We look forward to having Tamala back with us again this year.

Twitter: @TamalaJones

 Penny Johnson Jerald РCaptain Victoria Gates

Penny Johnson Jerald is probably best known for her work on 24 and Star Trek Deep Space 9 and the Larry Sanders Show. Penny joined Castle as Captain Gates at the beginning of Season 4.

Penny is bringing her Zumba Teacher

Twitter: @btwprod


Armin Shimmerman

Special guest in the convention-themed episode of Castle “The Final Frontier” Armin is a convention veteran having attended many Star Trek and sci-fi conventions in his career.


Crew Members

Rob Bowman

Rob Bowman is best known for his work on Star Trek: The Next Generation and X-Files before joining Castle as both Executive Producer and Director.

Chuck Bowman

A veteran behind the camera and director of the Castle episode “The Blue Butterfly”. Father of Rob & Stephen Bowman.

Stephen Bowman

Stephen Bowman works on Castle as the Post Production Coordinator. Prior to Castle he worked on the US remake of Life on Mars. Stephen is a self confessed geek.

Twitter: @Steppyb1313

Alfred Sole

Castle’s Set Designer since the pilot episode, Alfred Sole previously worked on TV series including Moonlight and Veronica Mars. Before becoming a set designer Alfred worked in the industry as a director.

Twitter: @CastleArtDept

Christopher Brow

Christopher¬† is the A-Camera Dolly Grip on Castle and has worked on many other shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters and Angel and has also worked on many movies including Spider-Man. Christopher can be found on Twitter where he likes to post insights and behind the scenes sneak peeks of Castle.

Twitter: @CastleGrip
Website: christopherbrow.com

Marta Evry

Marta Evry is one of Castle’s Editors. Before joining Castle Marta worked on TV series including House and Day Break and several movies including The X Files: I Want to Believe. You can learn more about Marta and her work editing Castle on the CastleTV.net Podcast. You can also follow Marta on Twitter where in amongst her enthusiasm for politics you will find the occasional behind the scenes insight into Castle.

Twitter: @Venice4Change
Website: www.Venice4Change.com

Warren Bowman

Castle Editor Warren Bowman is not one of “the” Bowman family but he’s a valued member of the Castle family all the same, and speaking of family, Warren is married to fellow Castle editor Marta Evry. Warren has been on board since season 1. It is interesting to note that “Always” is the first time Warren and Marta have shared a credit!

Twitter: @warrenbowman

Luke Reichle

Costume designer Luke Reichle has been a part of Castle since the beginning of season 3 and is excited to be joining us for the event.

Twitter: @RedCarpetLuke